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Stallion:          Fausto



           Mares:               FRANZISKA            FLORETTE                       


     FAMOSA                 FORTUNA


            FLORINA                    FABULA             VIKTORIA       


    FEMILIA         VALERIE             FADA



Extraordinary former donkeys:            FRIEDOLIN                     


             FIDELIA          VIOLA         VALENTA








Birth.:        2004

Height:       120 cm

Fur:           blue-grey, with black cross on

                the shoulder and zebra stripes

                on the legs, short-haired

Character:  curious, open-minded, obedient,

                loving the mating



He complements our breeding since October 2010 and is our proud stallion. His perfectly sculpted body, the noble head and his immaculate marks give us always exceptional foals.



















Birth:          19.04.2011

Height:        120 cm

Fur:            white with dark cross on

                 the shoulder, semi-long hair

Character:   very quiet, affectionate,

                  obedient, peacefull




Franziska is restrained and well behaved. She follows us trustingly and happily and is very caring and loving to all foals.



















Birth:           August 2002

Height:         122 cm

Fur:             brown, short-haired

Character:    calm, independent, patient,






Our first donkey Florette inspired us to breed donkeys. She is our most dependable broodmare and makes always very strong and intelligent foals.



















Birth:           May 2009

Height:        125 cm

Fur:            apple mold, short-haired

Character:   sensitive, reserved, proud, alert,






The impressive Famosa works self-confidently and diligently and she also gladly obeys humans. She bequeathed her size and elegance continuously to her foals.



















Birth:           February 2005

Height:        118 cm

Fur:            black, short-haired

Character:   spirited, cuddly, funny, playful

                 curious, intelligent





Fortuna is the funniest and liveliest mare here on C-d-B, and makes a lot of jokes. She loves to walk with tourists, and when kids ride on her.



















Birth:           March 2005

Height:        118 cm

Fur:            blue-grey, with black cross on

                 the shoulder, long-haired

Character:   reserved, docile, sweet,





Florina is a loving and self-confident broodmare who gives birth to very elegant foals. They are always very people-oriented and learn small tricks soon.



















Birth:            October 2006

Height:         125 cm

Fur:             blue-grey, with black cross on

                  the shoulder , long-haired

Character:    very active, playful, cuddly,

                  affectionate, very attentive




Fabula is a typical donkey, uncomplicated, cheerful, and affectionate. She rages much with her friends on the pasture, however, is obediently and patiently with people. Her foals are big, strong and usually quite lively.



















Birth:         August 2005

Height:       117 cm

Fur:           blue-grey, with black cross on

                the shoulder and zebra stripes

                on the legs, short-haired

Character:  silent, gentle, extremely kind,




The obedient Viktoria has a quiet and gentle character. She works reliably and is a loving mother. Her beautiful, graceful foals are affectionate and docile.



















Birth:          22.05.2010

Height:       120 cm

Fur:            blue-grey, with black cross on

                 the shoulder and zebra stripes

                 on the legs, semi-long hair

Character:   cuddly, affectionate, sociable




Femilia is an open-minded and very clingy friend for us. She wants to please and constantly seeks attention and employment.



















Birth:          April 2007

Height:        120 cm

Fur:            blue-grey, with black cross on

                 the shoulder, semi-long hair

Character:   happy, people-oriented, playful,





A very merry mare is our dear Valerie. She is joking a lot with her best friend and is moreover an extremely loving and careful mother. Due to her serenity her foals are also trusting, well-behaved and obedient.



















Birth:          22.05.2011

Height:       120 cm

Fur:            blue-grey, with black cross on

                 the shoulder and zebra stripes

                 on the legs, short hair

Character:   well behaved, very obedient,

                 gentle, soft



This quiet and uncomplicated donkey is extremely well-behaved and willing at all tasks. Fada is always gentle and caring, and it's a great fun to work with her. She is sensitive and loving to everybody and all in the flock like her.



















Birth:           August 2004

Height:        125 cm

Fur:            silver-gray with dark cross on

                 the shoulder, semi-long hair

Character:  attentive, likes to play, obedient

                 people oriented,  very gentle




He was our stallion until August 2010. His new owner Lotty moved to England and Friedolin lives there also now.



















Birth:           August 2004

Height:        103 cm

Fur:            brown, short-haired

Character:   self-confidently, obedient,

                 very sensible, caring





Fidelia and her last daughter Gloria left us in spring of 2013 along with Valenta. Presumably she will there lead the small flock and will inspire her new owner Yolande with her charm and lively self-confidence.



















Birth:           1997

Height:        120 cm

Fur:            apple mold, short-haired

Character:   sovereign leader,

                 very intelligent, independent





Viola left us in spring of 2013 to Spain. In order of her new owner Eva, she will use her talents on the border with Portugal. There Viola accompanies tourists in donkey walks on former smugglers' routes.



















Birth:          June 2006

Height:        136 cm

Fur:            dark brown, very long,


Character:   very quiet, affectionate,

                 people-oriented, sweetly




Valenta left us in spring of 2013 along with Fidelia and her daughter Gloria. The new owner Yolande is "clique" trainer near Portalegre and is determined to teach her many tricks.



















Birth:           October 2004

Height:        124 cm

Fur:            apple mold, short-haired

Character:   obedient connection-oriented,

                 self-confident, very faithful





Fantasia left us in spring of 2010, together with her third foal. With her new owner Nikolaus we know her in the best caring hands.















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