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Rafeiro do Alentejo

In the south of Portugal exists the famous dogbreed known as „Rafeiro do Alentejo“. This large livestock guardian dog belongs to the breed of molossoid type and acts almost entirely on instinct.


This peaceful and self-confident sheep dog spends its entire life integrated completely in the herd. It is active mainly during the night and is always ready to protect if danger arises. This breed has been employed more and more as a watchdog where it is totally protective of its family and gentle with children and those needing help.


Our own dog breeding program was developed after having experienced this amazing animal first hand by watching our male dog with our herds. Without having to teach him anything he instinctively protects our goat herds, attentively watching from strategic positions and defending young goats whilst the mother suckles other offspring.


Straying animals were gently guided back to the herd. He took his responsibility so seriously that he even would have forgotten to eat if we hadn‘t brought him his food into the goat shed where he continued his vigil.


We were amazingly lucky to be able to purchase another bitch of the same color for breeding. She was more people orientated and warned us immediately of any changes that took place at the farm.


The loving and playful female dog was natural born protective you would not suspect by her behavior with our visitors.


Finally we were so fascinated by this dog with its amazing instinct and sheep dog qualities that we decided to start breeding them ourselves.


Meanwhile, we have expanded our breed and our puppies will quickly find new owners because the color and the sweet mask of our "Rafeiro do Alentejo" is particularly appealing. Since 2014, we even have some competition finalists and champions among our breeding animals on the farm.




We started breeding the „Tibetano“ almost as a necessity to rid our farm of rats and mice and to act as a perfect „door-bell“. They are not unruly and only bark for good reason.


We particularly appreciate the insensitive and robust nature of these dogs. Although they are small they are tough to take!

Cautious with strangers, they are very faithful to their owners and enjoy being stroked and cuddled, they even enjoy being carried around by children.


This happy and extremely intelligent dwarf-dog grows to about 25cm in height and weighs approximately 5kg. The color of his fur is very varied!


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